For a 3 rd time and a second one for the UK, the Different Leaders (DL) are organizing another edition of the International Day for Equal Opportunities (IDEO) in different cities all over the world.

After Birmingham in 2016, this year, it’s Blackburn that will be hosting this big event next December. Who are the Different Leaders? Different Leaders is a group of young professionals and students committed to Equal Opportunities and the promotion of diversity in the society. This year, the DLs are working along with Blackburn Youth Zone's Young Leaders through a chain of workshops, in preparation of the IDEO. Over the past weeks, the Young Leaders have been working on a specific theme during each workshop, aiming to build their own project and to have a positive impact on the Borough.  Session 1: The Young Leaders gather for the first time During this opening session about Leadership , the participants watched an extract from the movie Invictus . After watching the scene, they had a discussion on what they learned from the scene and mostly, what did the extract inspire them. Hereafter are some of the words that were given by the Young Leaders after watching the scene: Courage, Equality (Gender, Skin, Race), Public personality / Spoke Up for community, Education rights, Women vote, etc . Session 2: Projects definition This session was the official kick-off of the series of workshops to follow. In fact, during this workshop, the participants had to set up teams to work on 4 main projects which are: Education, Mobility , Green Energy , Landscape of the Town . Session 3: Inspiration phase This was the first step of the 4 main steps before the IDEO in December. The teams did some research on their respective topics/projects and identified issues they wanted to work on for the next steps. Session 4: Ideation phase This workshop was a brainstorming session during which the Young Leaders had to think about solutions to answer the needs that they have previously identified. Other workshops are to follow, but so far, the Young Leaders have shown their motivation to continue and present the results of their work during the IDEO. The next workshop will be about the creation of story boards on the ideas they will keep. Blackburn, save the date and join us on Wednesday, December 6th . Stay tuned for more to come.

But what is behind the IDIL DAY name? While this site seems to be dedicated to International Day for Equal Opportunities (IDEO), why name it differently and what can this acronym mean?

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Les DIFFERENT LEADERS englobe la communauté de réussite de Passeport Avenir et s’ouvre à d’autres jeunes qui croient dans le même objectif : bâtir une communauté de leaders différents par leur histoire, par leurs pratiques et par leurs engagements.

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Les jeunes issus des milieux modestes (...) sont peu représentés dans les formations les plus cotées, quand bien même s’ils en ont le potentiel. (...) L'initiative de la journée mondiale pour l'égalité des chances rendra possible une mobilisation citoyenne en faveur de la réussite de tous les jeunes , et cela, partout dans le monde.

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Cette année, ce sont 7 villes qui se mobilisent et plus de 1 000 jeunes attendus des 4 coins de la planète, avec un seul mot d’ordre « Montrer que c’est possible ». Tu aimerais nous apporter ton aide ? C'est très simple : Parles de cette journée avec tout ton entourage et viens y participer dans la ville la plus proche de chez toi !

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